What is a Technotrail Card?

A bonus card that you can use to collect points and earn exciting rewards.  

Where can I get a card and how much does it cost?

You will receive your card free of charge at the card issuing points, a list of which can be
found on this website in the Card Issuing section.

How do I register/activate my card?

You can register/activate your card at card.technotrasa.cz. The staff will be happy to help
you with activation at the card issuing points. 

What is Technotrail?

Technotrail interconnects unique places where you can enjoy exceptional experiences that will draw your attention to the distinct technical maturity and craftsmanship of northern
Moravia and Silesia.

Where can I find my card number?

The card number can be found on the back of the card under the QR code.

Is it possible to have more than one card?

You can only use one card per name and email.

I have lost the card. I have lost my card. How do I get a new one?

Pick up a new card at any card issuing point. Email us at card@technotrasa.cz, and after
verifying the necessary information, we will block the lost card and transfer all data,
including TechnoPoints, to the new card.

What benefits does the Technotrail Card offer?

You can earn interesting rewards for the points you collect. You can find out more in the
Rewards section of this website.

Who can get a card?

Anyone aged 15 or over can get a card.

Where and how do I get TechnoPoints?

To get TechnoPoints, you need to complete a paid activity (e.g. buy a ticket to a museum, a guided tour, etc.). You can find an overview of the activities on this website in the Activities section.

How do I find out how many TechnoPoints I have on my card?

Go to card.technotrasa.cz, enter your card number and log in..

Is it possible to merge TechnoPoints from multiple cards onto one card?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Where can I find Where can I find the rewards overview?

You can find the overview on this website in the Rewards section.

Where can I collect my reward?

You will find a list of locations on this website under Activities.

Can I have the Technotrail Card on my smartphone?

We are currently discussing the pAt the moment we are discussing the possibility of entering the card into the klevr.cz system.

For further questions, please contact card@technotrasa.cz.


Den s Technotrasou

Den s Technotrasou

Den s Technotrasou
Seznamte se s historií vagonky

Seznamte se s historií vagonky

Seznamte se s historií vagonky
Prohlídky v Muzeu nákladních automobilů

Prohlídky v Muzeu nákladních automobilů

Prohlídky v Muzeu nákladních automobilů


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