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With children

Have a glimpse into the world of robots. Take a sneak peek into a place where a slab of steel turns into a car packed with the latest technologies.

Let yourself be stunned by the majestic and distinctive charm of the absolutely unique area, exploring premises where iron used to be produced

Take your children for a train ride on this unique steam train along the most winding narrow-gauge railway in the Czech Republic.

Nové Dvory u Bílovce
In-costume tours of the windmill with a tasting of sustainably grown produce, learning some interesting tidbits from a miller s life.

Loučky u Oder
This unique mill has a family tradition that reaches back to the 16th century.

Ostrava - Michálkovice
Become a miner on his way to work!

Become an engineer for a moment, get to know what a railroad office looked like in the 1920 s and have a seat on the steam engine train!

Loučky u Oder
Come take this unique tour of the old mill and get your driver s license for a horse carriage!

A unique landmark near the Odra river on the historic border between Moravia and Silesia

Check out the slate mine and cut out a slate heart

Come see what it is like to be in the shoes of a miner from arriving at the shaft to the ride down all this in the biggest mining museum in Czechia.

Farming equipment and an interactive food exhibition in the industrial setting of the Lower Vítkovice area

A historic slate mine with a bitter fate

Come admire these 80 vehicles and chassis, a testimony to the production process at one of the world s oldest automobile plants