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Fritz Hückel

Hückel, the friend of Alfred Neubauer, future boss of the Mercedes stable, and friend of the legendary racecar driver Eliška Junková, was born in 1885 in Nový Jičín into the famous Hückel hatmaker family. When he was just 16, his brother brought him a Locomobile car from America, and in 1906, he already tried to build his own automobile. However, it was a Tatra from the nearby town of Kopřivnice that turned out to be his destiny.

It is no wonder, since his aunt Franziska was the daughter of Ignác Schustala, founder of the famous automobile plant. Together with the respected construction engineer H. Ledwinka, young Fritz participated in the Alpenfahrt race with his car, dubbed the “Kopřivničan“. They placed second in this highly demanding race, second only to Porsche. In 1925, they won the famous Sicilian race of Targa Florio with their Tatra 12, the first Czechoslovak victory of truly international significance.

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