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Jan Kubiš

After completing basic military training, Kubiš decided to remain in the army as a non-commissioned officer. In October of 1937, he was relocated to the Bruntál infantry regiment, whose eighth guard battalion, third company, patrolled the construction of the border fortification system in the vicinity of Litultovice near Opava.

Kubiš and his men were housed at the fire department in Sádek. Their assignment was sentry duty at the OP-S-38 fort (half a kilometer from the village). Kubiš used to go to target practice in Opava.

The atmosphere at the border was very tense at the time. One of his friends described daily ambushes on the patrols. German ambushers caused extensive damage, destroyed machines and poisoned wells.

According to the friend, Kubiš was a selfless and honest leader at all times, taking good care of his subordinates. He had words of consolation for everyone, quick to advise and help. He was like a reliable older friend, whom everybody liked.